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The Prime Minister has set information technology (IT) professionals in Government the mission of ‘ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of Government itself so that we can provide better, more efficient, public services.’

The eGU leads on this work. Our work is very different from that of the Office of the e-Envoy which existed from 1998 to 2004.

We have 16 new objectives

  1. To stimulate joined up business led IT strategies and policies
  2. To support citizen-centred public service reform
  3. To maximise the re-use and consistent application of common ICT components and systems across government
  4. To promote and assist joined up identification and authentication across the public sector
  5. To enable corporate service transformation
  6. To be an IT ‘change agent’
  7. To sponsor cost effective IT security
  8. To increase IT-enabled change capability/capacity
  9. To support ‘mission-critical’ projects
  10. To build partnerships with IT suppliers
  11. Stakeholder Management
  12. Local Government Stakeholder Management
  13. Improving confidence in Government IT
  14. Common Infrastructure Development
  15. Delivery of Directgov website [External website]
  16. Delivery of Knowledge Network products

The Central Sponsor for Information Assurance (CSIA) provides a central focus for information assurance in promoting the understanding that it is essential for government and business alike to maintain reliable, secure and resilient national information systems.

The CSIA will encourage a ‘culture of security’ regarding information systems across central and local government, the private sector as well as to the general public.