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Directgov is the Government’s flagship digital service, delivered through the Directgov website and digital television. Directgov offers the widest range of government information and services online.

Users browse by audience groups such as ‘Disabled people and carers’ and ‘Parents’ or by topics including ‘Employment’, ‘Learning’ and ‘Motoring and transport’. Alternatively, you can access definitive government directories or use the search engine.

Book a driving test, tax your car, renew your passport, find out about child safety, parental leave, special educational needs and lots more. The site contains extensive content for motorists, parents, disabled people and carers together with broader information for other clearly identified customer groups such as Britons abroad and the over-50s. This will be expanded over time to include content for other groups including householders, jobseekers and adult learners.

As well as government departments, the site links through to relevant third parties which can offer additional trusted advice and support.

Directgov and independent research undertaken by Tickbox in February 2006

Recent research published by Directgov points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the ‘Supersite‘ phenomenon. Despite 75.8million websites (and 6 billion pages) in existence, people are no longer ‘surfing’ widely over the whole net, with over half of internet-using Britons (51%) visiting just six or less sites on a regular basis.

Three quarters of people questioned say the internet is indispensable to their daily lives and more than nine out of ten (95%) say they go online with a specific destination in mind. People are now using the internet more smartly, visiting a handful of destination websites that have emerged as ‘Supersites’ due to their importance to people’s lives.

As an integral part of its wider transformation of public services, the government has launched an awareness campaign for its own Supersite – Directgov ( Consumers can use for everything from renewing their driving licence, car tax or passport to finding out about local schools, childminders and recycling.