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EDT (e-delivery)

EDT overview

The e-Delivery Team (EDT) is part of the e–Government Unit. EDT focuses on delivery and technology innovation in providing the products and services to both central and local government that will enable the internet to become the primary channel for interaction with government.

EDT vision

EDT' mission is to make best practice common practice in delivering technology services to transform Government. Our vision is:

Interactive Guide to Connected Government

EDT has developed an Interactive Guide to Connected Government (IGCG), which illustrates how we can work together with you to deliver our products and services.

Government Gateway

EDT is taking forward the Government Gateway which provides authentication, transaction routing and reliable messaging to government departments, agencies and local authorities.

The Government Gateway went live in 2001. The Gateway has 8 million active enrolments with more than 100 enabled services from 50 different government entities. If you are sending a Self Assessment tax return, claiming Child Tax Credit, paying a parking fine in Shepway, sending in your VAT return, checking your pension entitlement or booking a session to give blood, then you are using the Gateway. Sometimes you won’t even know that you are using it – the Gateway allows departments to present its screens in their own format and using their own brand.

Throughout 2006 EDT will be working with a number of central and local government departments to implement an additional 50–100 services on the Gateway, making it truly the centre piece of UK government’s joined–up initiatives.