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Transformational Government

Transformational Government – Implementation Plan

The Government published ‘Transformational Government – Enabled by Technology’ in November 2005. The strategy set out how effective use of technology to deliver services designed around the needs of citizens and businesses can make a real difference to people’s lives. This implementation plan describes the actions taken since publication and the tasks to be completed by July 2007.

Details of the plan can be found on the Transformational Government pages of the Chief Information Officer Council website.

Transformational Government – The strategy

‘Transformational Government – Enabled by Technology’ front cover

The e-Government Unit was commissioned by the Prime Minister to prepare a strategy to ensure the public sector, including both central and local government, ‘keeps up with the private sector in delivering good, efficient services driven by information technology’.

The strategy, ‘Transformational Government – Enabled by Technology’, is about transforming public services as citizens receive them and demonstrating how technology can improve the corporate services of government so more resources can be released to deliver ‘frontline’ services.

Details of the strategy can be found on the Transformational Government pages of the CIO Council website.