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Frequently asked questions

About the e-Government Unit

What is difference between eGU and former Office of the e-Envoy?

The eGU's work is about delivering and transforming public services through information technology. eGU does not have a significant role in ‘getting the nation online’ as the Office of the e-Envoy did. Many of the functions of the e-Envoy have been transferred to other government departments while eGU continues to focus on improving government IT.

The Prime Minister has described the eGU's mission as ‘ensuring that IT supports the business transformation of Government itself so that we can provide better, more efficient, public services.’

How can I contact the e-Government Unit?

Where can I find job vacancies in the e-Government Unit?

You can find eGU vacancies and other Civil Service opportunities on the Civil Service Recruitment Gateway website. eGU also advertises vacancies in the Guardian on Wednesdays, and in Jobcentres.


Government initiatives

What government services and information are available online?

More than three quarters of government services are now available online.
Directgov is the Government's flagship digital service, offering access to a wide range of information and services online. The Government Gateway offers secure transactional government services online.

Where can I find details of current polices and standards for e-Government?

Govtalk enables the Public Sector, industry and other interested participants to work together to develop and agree policies and standards for e-government. This is achieved through the UK GovTalk consultation processes.


Government support and internet statistics

Where can I find statistics on internet use and access?

For details of statistics on internet use and access, we would recommend the Office of National Statistics, use the link below:

How can I help shape government policy by taking part in consultations

By visiting, you can find out more about the government's consultation process and how you can take part, browse the index of UK government public consultation documents by selecting the current or closed consultations link and search for consultations.



How can I access historical or old Office of the e-Envoy publications?

Publications issued by the Office of the e-Envoy (1999-2004) have now been archived and are available on request by email


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