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The Pitt Review - Learning Lessons from the 2007 floods


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We want to ensure that the evidence submitted to the Review will be available to those who wish to use it for research purposes. The material will be held at the Library of the Emergency Planning College, and can be accessed in full at the library on request. In due course, the evidence will be transferred to The National Archives.

The Review has commissioned research to deepen our understanding of various issues during this review.

Survey of the insurance and health impacts of the 2007 floods

GfK NOP Research

Quantitative research undertaken during April/May 2008 in areas affected by the 2007 summer floods

The survey of the insurance and health impacts of the 2007 floods was commissioned by the Pitt Review to provide an assessment of the service that a sample of flood affected households received from their insurers and loss adjusters. It also looked at the effect that the floods had on people's health and wellbeing. The survey covered 647 households in areas most affected by the 2007 floods – this included large numbers of displaced households. A summary of the results can be found in the Pitt Review final report with the insurance impacts covered in Chapter 9 and the health impacts covered in Chapter 25.

MWH – Evaluation of Modelling Approaches for Urban Flood Risk Assessment

This evaluation was commissioned by the Pitt Review and carried out by MWH with the purpose of assessing the feasibility of flood risk modelling and mapping in urban areas, and to indicate the different modelling approaches.

Lessons Learned from past reports

This report summarises the actions taken or under way as a result of previous reviews of flooding events. It also attempts to set out briefly the main recent developments in emergency planning and response.

GfK Research – Qualitative research undertaken during October 2007 in areas affected by the 2007 summer floods

The research outlined in this report was conducted as part of the Pitt Review of Lessons Learned from the 2007 floods. The research was commissioned by COI Research Unit on behalf of the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat.

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