Consumers win changes to opaque and inefficient cash ISA market


Consumer Focus welcomes the measures announced by the OFT to address the gross inefficiencies in the cash ISA market, highlighted by us in our super-complaint in March.  These first steps will help start to drag the £158 billion cash ISA market into the 21st century.

Cutting the length of ISA transfers to 15 working days could save consumers up to £14.5 million. Removing multiple layers of complexity, confusion and delay will mean that consumers can more easily understand what sort of shape their savings are in and whether they would be better off switching account.

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Our Annual Plan 2010/11

Consumer Focus exists to improve the lives and experiences of consumers, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Launched on 1 April, our Annual Plan 2010/11 (pdf 774 kb) shows where we will focus our efforts to use our resources effectively and achieve a positive impact for consumers in a very challenging year.

Stay private provides an easy way of opting out of receiving junk mail and sales calls by simplifying the process of registering with the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) various preference services.

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Mobiles best deal coverConsumer Focus, with Ofcom and the Consumer Communications Panel has launched a Mobiles best deal guide to help consumers get the most from their mobile package and save money. Only one in five of us finds it easy to navigate the mobile phone market, with close to 70 per cent feeling that there are too many tariffs available, according to our research.  

Focus on Finance

financeFocus on Finance is a unique initiative from Consumer Focus which will identify and examine, from a consumer perspective, the big questions arising from the financial crisis.