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  1. Poverty tsar: shirking fathers should lose their benefits

    29 Jun 10

    Poverty tsar Frank Field has said that Britain must focus on young unemployed fathers rather than on getting young mothers into work.

  2. 'Teen repellent' buzzing devices may be switched off by law today

    25 Jun 10

    Controversial devices which emit painful high-frequency sounds, audible only to children and young adults, may be banned in Britain following a debate at the Council of Europe.

  3. Teenager-repellent 'mosquito' must be banned, says Europe

    21 Jun 10

    An investigation by the Council of Europe found that the device that uses high-frequency sound to disperse teenage gangs is illegal under human rights law and is 'degrading and discriminatory' to youngsters.

  4. Nick Clegg to unveil new taskforce on childhood and families

    17 Jun 10

    The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will today announce the government is setting up a new childhood and families taskforce that will have to resolve fundamental coalition differences on family policy and whether marriage should be recognised in the tax system.

  5. 24% of children are victims of crime

    17 Jun 10

    Home Office figures show that almost one in four children aged 10 to 15 has been a victim of crime in the past year.

  6. Demos sees big role for supermarkets in regenerating poor communities

    07 Jun 10

    A report by think tank Demos has claimed that big supermarket chains have a key role to play in regenerating Britain's poorest areas.

  7. Frank Field to lead independent review into poverty in Britain

    07 Jun 10

    Frank Field, the former Labour welfare reform minister, has been appointed by David Cameron to lead an independent review into poverty in Britain.

  8. New film by young carers hopes to educate teachers

    01 Jun 10

    The Young Carers Revolution is a movement set up by York Carers Centre to give young carers a voice.

  9. Study shows links between poverty and disability are more pronounced

    20 Apr 10

    A study by Warwick University has revealed that the highest prevalence of childhood disability in the UK is found in the poorest families.