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  1. 23 per cent of young people involved in road races

    01 Jul 10

    A survey has found that 23 per cent of young people have either been a driver or a passenger in a car 'race' on a public road.

  2. Speak Up, Stay Safe - British Safety Council campaign

    24 Jun 10

    A new campaign from the British Safety Council asks young people to take responsibility for their own health and safety.

  3. Child Poverty Action Group urges Osborne to protect low-income families in Budget

    22 Jun 10

    Child poverty campaigners are warning Chancellor George Osborne not to break the government's commitment under the Child Poverty Act, ahead of the emergency Budget.

  4. Social networking sites a risk for adopted children, says British Association for Adoption & Fostering chief

    21 Jun 10

    The chief executive of British Association for Adoption & Fostering, David Holmes, says that social networking websites such as Facebook can pose a serious risk to adopted children who can be easily tracked down by birth relatives they may not be ready to meet.

  5. The teenager who has gone from antisocial to outstanding behaviour

    16 Jun 10

    At 13, Zara Fredericks received an asbo because she was out of control. Now 19, she has changed her life and won one of Manchester's Outstanding Social Behaviour Award.

  6. Government ministers sign up to work with youth charities on Big Society scheme

    15 Jun 10

    Government ministers are to go on placements of up to a week with voluntary youth organisations to inform their vision for a Big Society.

  7. Millions may lose out in reform of child benefits

    11 Jun 10

    In an interview with the Times, the government's poverty adviser Frank Field says that a radical reform of child benefits, including ending payments to more than seven million families when their children reach the age of 13, is being considered.

  8. New research highlights role of family in supporting literacy

    03 Jun 10

    Research published by the National Literacy Trust shows that family encouragement to read has an enormous impact on children and young people’s attitudes towards reading and their reading test scores.

  9. Why teenagers can't concentrate: too much grey matter

    01 Jun 10

    UK research into teenagers' brains shows they continue developing far longer into adulthood than previously thought.

  10. New film by young carers hopes to educate teachers

    01 Jun 10

    The Young Carers Revolution is a movement set up by York Carers Centre to give young carers a voice.

  11. Teenagers are in decline after baby slump era

    01 Jun 10

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has claimed that the number of teenagers in Britain will fall sharply over the next decade due to the 'baby slump' during the 1990s.

  12. More young people own a mobile phone than a book

    26 May 10

    Research by the National Literacy Trust has revealed that 86 per cent of young people in the UK own a mobile phone, while only 73 per cent have books of their own.

  13. Young climate campaigners adopt an MP

    26 May 10

    A campaign by UK Youth Climate Coalition aims to keep global warming at the top of the political agenda.

  14. Adopted children face anguish as birth parents stalk them on Facebook

    24 May 10

    Natural parents of adopted children using Facebook to track down their children, flouting the usual controls and safeguards.

  15. Facebook is a major influence on girls, says survey

    19 May 10

    Facebook has become one of the biggest influences on the lives of girls, according to a survey.

  16. Advice service for young people in Wales launched

    17 May 10

    An advice service for young people offering help to access or complain about a range of issues from bullying to social services is being launched.

  17. Young carers reveal school bullying ordeal

    17 May 10

    A survey for the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and the Children's Society has revealed that two-thirds of young carers face taunts at school.

  18. What's it like caring for a parent with an addiction?

    13 May 10

    Newsbeat speaks to young carers about their lives caring for parents with an alcohol or drugs problem.

  19. 1 in 5 young people 'confused about illegal downloading'

    10 May 10

    A survey carried out for Microsoft's Life Academy competition has revealed that one in five young adults don't see why they should ever have to pay for content on the internet - and a similar number admit to being confused about what can be downloaded legally.

  20. Olympic organisers reverse under-18 volunteers ban

    06 May 10

    Olympic organisers have reversed a decision to bar under-18s from becoming volunteers for the 2012 Games.

  21. Hippies, mods, rockers and punks celebrated in youth culture archive

    04 May 10

    A new multimedia archive that aims to provide a definitive visual, verbal and musical history of the past 70 years of youth culture has been launched.

  22. Under-18s see education and the economy as top priorities

    04 May 10

    An election survey conducted by Plan UK, which was taken by more than 200 young people aged 17 and under from across the UK, found that education topped the list with 30 per cent citing it as their top priority, followed by the UK economy (26 per cent) and health (21 per cent).

  23. Sport in schools is just not cricket

    27 Apr 10

    A survey by the Cricket Foundation and the MCC has found that cheating, fouling and unsporting behaviour is rife in school sport.

  24. Floods of young people download form to register to vote

    26 Apr 10

    Figures from the Eelectoral Commission have revealed that two million people have visited its website to download a registration form to vote, 40 per cent of whom were aged between 18 and 24.

  25. Online help for victims of bullying

    20 Apr 10

    Article looks at the success of CyberMentors, a website where young people can talk to other young people about bullying.

  26. UK Youth Parliament publishes guide to the general election

    15 Apr 10

    UK Youth Parliament has launched a guide to the general election to encourage young people to vote in the general election.

  27. Facebook resists installing on-site 'panic button'

    13 Apr 10

    Facebook is continuing to resist placing a 'panic button' on its pages despite calls to do so by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) centre.

  28. 'No one asks us what children think'

    12 Apr 10

    In the first of a series of reports, children's author Anthony Horowitz meets a group of young people who are too young to vote to discuss topical issues that could change their future.

  29. Use of Facebook to boost young people vote

    09 Apr 10

    Every Facebook user who logs on to his or her homepage will be asked if they are on the electoral roll. If they are not, they will be redirected to a registration page.

  30. Young are opposed to web advice

    07 Apr 10

    A study by CfBT Education Trust has revealed that young people do not want to receive information, advice and guidance (IAG) on Facebook because they see social networking sites as 'their private space'.

  31. 'Young people don't think their vote will make a difference'

    07 Apr 10

    Libby Brooks looks at the concerns of young first-time voters leading up to the election - a generation who feel disenfranchised by politics, but are desparate to get involved.

  32. Young, cool, indifferent

    06 Apr 10

    A report by think-tank Demos and youth volunteering organisation v has claimed that a defining characteristic of the 16-25 generation is their digital identity.