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  1. Munro Review of child protection call for evidence

    02 Jul 10

    Professor Munro's safeguarding review is now open to receive evidence.

  2. 23 per cent of young people involved in road races

    01 Jul 10

    A survey has found that 23 per cent of young people have either been a driver or a passenger in a car 'race' on a public road.

  3. Social networking sites a risk for adopted children, says British Association for Adoption & Fostering chief

    21 Jun 10

    The chief executive of British Association for Adoption & Fostering, David Holmes, says that social networking websites such as Facebook can pose a serious risk to adopted children who can be easily tracked down by birth relatives they may not be ready to meet.

  4. ContactPoint to remain in use until a new system is found

    17 Jun 10

    The Department for Education has announced that the child protection database, ContactPoint, will remain in use until an alternative system has been decided.

  5. More information and understanding about home education needed

    17 Jun 10

    An Ofsted report concludes that the lack of any registration requirement for elective home education is preventing local authorities from carrying out their statutory roles to identify children who are not receiving a suitable full-time education, and also to safeguard young people.

  6. Health and safety review to address curbs on play

    15 Jun 10

    The government has launched a review into the so-called 'compensation culture' following a series of high-profile health and safety decisions such as banning conkers from school playgrounds.

  7. Child worker Vetting and Barring Scheme to be halted

    15 Jun 10

    The Home Secretary, Theresa May, will announce today that the Vetting and Barring scheme is being stopped, and will be redesigned along 'common sense' lines.

  8. Half of children who take their own lives have been bullied

    14 Jun 10

    Research by Beatbullying has found that almost half of suicides among 10-to-14-year-olds are due to bullying.

  9. Child abuse reports are to be published

    09 Jun 10

    The government has confirmed that full reports of serious case reviews into recent cases of crimes against children are to be published.

  10. Parents 'more worried about murder than obesity' threat

    18 May 10

    A survey for charities Parentline Plus and Living Streets has found that parents worry more about their children being murdered than much more widespread health problems such as obesity.

  11. Advice service for young people in Wales launched

    17 May 10

    An advice service for young people offering help to access or complain about a range of issues from bullying to social services is being launched.

  12. Young carers reveal school bullying ordeal

    17 May 10

    A survey for the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and the Children's Society has revealed that two-thirds of young carers face taunts at school.

  13. Today's kids have less freedom than previous generations

    28 Apr 10

    A study by insurance firm LV has revealed that children today have less freedom than previous generations, as risk-averse parents make them wait two years longer than they did to go outside on their own.

  14. Online help for victims of bullying

    20 Apr 10

    Article looks at the success of CyberMentors, a website where young people can talk to other young people about bullying.

  15. Home tutors reject government's 'intrusive' child safety database

    16 Apr 10

    A poll conducted for reveals that three quarters of respondents will refuse to register for the Independent Safeguarding Authority's (ISA) vetting scheme, designed to prevent paedophiles from working with children.

  16. Facebook resists installing on-site 'panic button'

    13 Apr 10

    Facebook is continuing to resist placing a 'panic button' on its pages despite calls to do so by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) centre.