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Doers and Shapers

Doers and Shapers – the web-based resource for practitioners supporting youth volunteering

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This resource is the outcome of a two year funded programme to develop, test and learn from a range of approaches to involving young people in service development, delivery and evaluation in the public sector.

The resource is made up of four key areas:

  • Setting the scene – what the programme is all about, what volunteering is, the benefits and barriers and how to overcome them
  • The story behind the practice – the experience of each authority as it delivered the programme, what it learnt, warts and all!
  • Making it Happen – where the real action is; providing you with the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of delivering youth volunteering.
  • Learning and evidence – the research base, learning and outcomes, to provide others with solid arguments why youth volunteering is worth including in an organisation’s approach to community empowerment.

You can always find out the latest developments in what’s new

If you are a young person interested in volunteering, you can find out more about how to get involved in volunteering in public services by visiting volunteering for young people pages >>


What ‘volunteering’ looks like in practice is hotly debated, so this resource is based on the Beacon Peer Support programme’s understanding of the term. It provides advice and examples based on the experience of local authorities who took part in the Beacon Peer Support Programme. Anyone using the site should arrive at their own local definition and tailor their approaches to meet local needs, ages and target groups.