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Product liability

Producers and manufacturers must make safety a key part of production. This means that you must:

  • Include safety at every stage, from initial design through to selling.
  • Check whether there are any specific regulations covering your product.
  • Check whether there are any safety standards that apply to your product. If so, check that you meet the standards.
  • Think how you can ensure that your products meet your quality standard. This could be by testing samples. You could consider introducing a formal quality assurance scheme.

Importers are responsible in the same way as manufacturers. Although you cannot control production, you should take a similar approach to preventing problems.

Distributors, such as shops, must not do anything that affects product safety. Otherwise, you could have the same responsibilities as a producer. You should therefore:

  • give customers any safety information provided by the producer
  • investigate safety complaints from customers, and tell the manufacturer
  • co-operate with Trading Standards officers

Think about ways to protect yourself if you are sued. Consider the following:

  • Purchasing product liability insurance to cover damages and legal costs.
  • Agreeing contracts that pass on costs. For example, you can ask a supplier to indemnify you against any claim for damages caused by their products.
  • Keeping adequate records. You may need to defend yourself against a claim up to ten years after supplying a product.

If you think you're at risk, take advice from your business adviser or solicitor. Your trade association may also help with information about standards and best practice in your industry.

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