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COP15 concludes with '1st step'

Copenhagen Accord (PDF) marks 'start of new phase' in tackling global climate change. For the 1st time ever, countries agree 2 degree C limit.  View daily reflections, blogs & news from the negotiation floor.

And beyond Copenhagen...

With the initial phases of the Accord underway, Ed Miliband urges 'the politics to catch up with the science' & the PM looks ahead to the 'historic transformation' that is underway.

4 Degree Map (Crown Copyright)

Climate science. Fact.

Discussing climate with friends & family? Arm yourself with the pub quiz to how climate change is happening and why it's because of us, or check out the interactive map of the impacts of a 4 degree world.

Campaign highlights

January 2010: Act on Copenhagen website comes to an end 23/2/2010 is no longer updated. But we're still working for international action on climate change & subscribers will continue to receive news from us.
January 2010: UN’s Jan 31 deadline sees 60+ countries submit 23/2/2010
China, India & US join 60+ countries, representing over 78% global emissions, that submit 2020 mitigation targets. Targets are in 'striking distance' of 2 degrees.
December 2009: Two intense weeks’ negotiation follow from two years of talks 23/2/2010
Highly anticipated COP-15 negotiations begin. View video diaries, blogs, commentary and news from the negotiations as 192 countries hammer out a global climate deal.
November 2009: Commonwealth urges climate deal 23/2/2010
View passionate film from the Commonwealth youth, who represent more than half the Commonwealth’s 2 billion citizens, urging world leaders for a climate deal.
October 2009: Major Economies Forum outcomes show doable 23/2/2010
PM Gordon Brown addressed MEF, citing urgent need to avoid climate ‘catastrophe’. Ed Miliband says London-based MEF outcomes show COP15 deal is ‘doable’.
September 2009: Milibands stress 'Copenhagen: in the balance' 23/2/2010
Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Climate Secretary Ed Miliband host first ever joint press conference, stressing that Copenhagen deal is ‘in the balance’.
July 2009: World leaders make 'historic' agreements 23/2/2010
L’Aquila Summit concludes with ‘historic’ agreement to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees C, paving the way for a global agreement at Copenhagen.
June 2009: Road to Copenhagen launched & PM sets finance initiative 23/2/2010
PM proposes $100bn finance breakthrough - the first time a world leader tables a figure on climate finance. This figure is later agreed at COP15,

Calender graphic Milestones on the road to Copenhagen. Find out what happened in the lead up to Copenhagen.


Interactive timeline: the road to Copenhagen Timeline screen shot