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Preparing to export

Exporting can extend your market, boost your turnover and prevent you having too great a dependence on your UK-based customers. But it isn't always an easy option. Starting to export poses a whole new set of challenges, from identifying promising markets and customers to ensuring that you can fulfil your export contracts. Developing new export markets takes time and money.

A planned approach helps you to identify the best opportunities. It ensures that you understand what's involved, and have the resources and skills you need.

This guide contains basic information. For additional basic information see our section on export basics. For intermediate and detailed guidance see our section on practical exporting.

Use our interactive tool to identify export opportunities in your target country.

Subjects covered in this guide

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Starting up

Importing and exporting


Preparing to export


Current section



Understand the challenges of exporting


Assess your skills and resources for exporting


Assess export market opportunities


Choose which export markets to enter


Plan your export market entry strategy


Manage export contracts and logistics


Use the right export support services


Review your export readiness