Latest Young People

  • Choose your own path
    Our flash comic strips allow people to view a case study and choose the option which would best suit them.
  • School Holiday Support
    Centralised access to all playschemes, holiday clubs,sport centre open access schemes, soccer camps etc available in school holidays
  • Free (and cheap) fun and interesting places to visit
    A national Directory of places to visit that are have either free entry or are good value for money.
  • Youth Space (or Our Space)
    An information centre for young people showing local resources for recreation, education, health, employment and generally promoting social cooperation.
  • Rate My Park
    A searchable website allowing parents, children and young people to find local recreation areas & share opinions about facilities
  • Local Mentor
    Allowing youngsters/anyone requiring help in an area to have a person a mentor within a local timezone.
  • Submit Your Idea

About This Site

The Power of Information Taskforce is helping government become more open, transparent and effective through better use of published information.

This competition is asking for your help in developing better ways to publish the vast swathes of non-personal information that the government collects & creates on your behalf

Public data is your data. Tell us what you'd build with it and you could win £20k to develop your idea to the next level.

Latest Ideas

  • 2010 New Year update
  • Polluter Finder
    Find out about and act on pollution in your area - search by pollutant, name and location.
  • WhoKnowsWho
    A service where anyone can find the immediate connections of MPs and MEPs.
  • Free Car Checks
    Help consumers to avoid buying fraudulent or stolen cars
  • Responcity
    A service to allow ordinary people to find out who is responsible for anything from roads to dental regulation.

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