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Milestones on the road to Copenhagen

Latest achievements on the road to Copenhagen


December 2009 (iStockphoto)

UNFCCC climate negotiations run from 7-18 December in the Danish capital. The 15th Conference of the Parties, or COP15, will see 192 countries convene to agree a global deal on tackling climate change.


November 2009 (iStockphoto)

November starts with UNFCCC negotiations in Barcelona. The pursuit continues for an ambitious, effective and fair deal at Copenhagen, which begins in around 30 days. A deal is doable, but with the clock ticking, and there isn't a day to waste.


October 2009 (iStockphoto)

60 days until Copenhagen. The jigsaw pieces are falling into place and a deal is doable. But there is still a lot to be done. UNFCCC negotiations continue in Bangkok, and mark just 15 negotiating days until COP15.


September 2009 (iStockphoto)

It is less than 100 days until Copenhagen and the world's attention is focusing on the 'Super September' milestones that lie ahead of the crucial negotiations


August 2009 (iStockphoto)

Five months until Copenhagen. August sees policy issues like deforestation aired; UNFCCC informal negotiations in Bonn and more


July 2009 (iStockphoto)

Six months until Copenhagen. July sees 'historic' agreement at G8 and MEF to cap global temperature rises at 2 degrees; the domestic implications of Copenhagen debated in Parliament; carbon markets are identified 'essential'; and more.


June 2009 (iStockphoto)

Ed Miliband launches the Road to Copenhagen, the UK's 'manifesto' for Copenhagen; and the Prime Minister announces a ground-breaking initiative for $100bn for climate finance, unblocking a crucial area of the talks.