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Sheppey Cluster (Elmley)

The Sheppey Cluster is an amalgamation of the three establishments, Elmley, Standford Hill and Swaleside. 

Elmley is a purpose built local Prison serving all courts in the county of Kent. The establishment opened in 1992 and includes a Category C Unit of up to 240 prisoners built in 1997. Elmley is one of six Bullingdon design prisons in England and is the largest of the three prisons within the Sheppey Cluster.


Church Road




ME12 4DZ

Tel: 01795 882000

Fax: 01795 882001

Governor: Sarah Coccia

Accommodation: 5 House Blocks holding between 183 and 240 prisoners each in single, double and treble cells. A sixth House Block with single and double cell accommodation is under construction.

Operational Capacity: 985 as of 25th February 2005

Reception Criteria: Unsentenced and sentenced adult men. Unsentenced male young offenders.

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