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Year 3 Non-fiction Unit 3 – Information texts

Information texts (4 weeks)


  • Research a particular area (based on own interest or wider curriculum) using reference materials (books, IT sources). Use library classification systems to find books. Locate, read and note relevant information. Decide how to present information and make informed choices by using structures from different text types. Work collaboratively on an ICT-based presentation which includes different text types.
  • Read and evaluate a wide range of simple persuasive texts, explaining and evaluating responses orally.
  • Begin to use words, pictures and other communication modes to persuade others when appropriate to particular writing purpose.
  • Through role-play and drama explore particular persuasive scenarios (e.g. a parent persuading a reluctant child to go to bed) and discuss the effectiveness of different strategies used.

1998 Framework objectives covered:

Year 3, Term 1: T20 compare presentation of information in printed and IT texts.

Year 3, Term 3: T18 locate books by classification in libraries; T17 scan indexes, directories and IT sources to locate information quickly and accurately; T25 and T26 make notes using techniques taught previously; summarise orally and in writing the content of a passage or text and the main point it is making.


  • val_burns 9.10 pm, 20th June 2009

    It would be really useful if you did the teaching phases for the information texts unit of work. I have used the phases to help me make my planning more structured in other units. Please can you do something for us here?

  • Tom-Craven 10.47 am, 22nd December 2009

    This is very brief. Also, it seems to be focused on persuasive writing as opposed to information texts.

  • elaine hillier 5.08 pm, 10th January 2010

    I agree- not helpful at all :(

  • BooC 4.42 pm, 15th January 2010

    So do I. As are most units on here, this is not useful to help me plan.

  • The National Strategies 3.21 pm, 21st January 2010

    Not all units are fully exemplified on the Framework site. Some units are fully developed to the full teaching sequence – others have the objectives grouped and identified along with the text type and key theme, but have been deliberately left at this level to allow teachers to personalise and apply the principles from the fully exemplified units to these.

  • learl72 10.08 pm, 10th April 2010

    Why give the full teaching sequence to some units and not others? Each unit is completely different with different objectives. The full teaching sequence still gives lots of scope for personalising planning whilst at the same time giving a good idea of structuring planning. It seems like some units just got forgot or maybe money ran out?

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