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What is the LSC Manual?

All contracted providers of publicly funded mainstream legal aid services are contractually required to have access to the LSC Manual via a subscription with its publisher.

The manual is the essential reference guide for organisations providing legal aid services and includes:

Changes to the LSC Manual – July 2010

Since 2003 we have had a successful relationship with TSO who have published the LSC Manual.

Following the expiry of the publishing agreement with TSO the LSC ran a procurement exercise to award the licence to publish the manual from July 2010. We can announce that from July 2010 Thomson Reuters will be the new publishers of the manual.

We have listened to feedback from users of the manual and we are making a number of significant changes to the manual which we hope will improve its usability. These improvements include:

Reducing the number of volumes
Providers have told us that the manual has become too unwieldy so we have removed some extraneous content and reduced the number of volumes from four to three.

We will be publishing a crime specific volume in July 2010 to coincide with the introduction of the new standard criminal contract.

In October 2010 we will be introducing two further volumes to coincide with the introduction of the standard civil contract.

The LSC Manual will therefore consist of:

Volume 1: Crime
Volume 2: Civil
Volume 3: Funding Code

The manual will also be available on CD-ROM and online as now.

Moving from loose-leaf updatable folders to bound volumes
Many providers have told us that they find the loose-leaf updating process unwieldy and would prefer bound volumes containing all current materials. We have listened to this feedback and subscribers to the manual will, in future, receive new copies of the LSC Manual volumes when these are updated.

Updates will be provided every six months as currently.
Improved indexing
Reducing the number of volumes that comprises the LSC Manual and removing some content has allowed us to amend the indexing method. We hope that users will find this easier to use as a result.

What does the new publisher mean for me? How do I access the manual?

Current subscribers
If you are a current subscriber with TSO and your subscription was due to continue beyond the end of June 2010 you will be contacted by TSO to arrange the refund of any outstanding subscription balance.

To facilitate the smooth transition of publishers TSO will also pass your contact details to the new publisher Thomson Reuters. They will contact you to discuss subscription arrangements post July 2010. 

If you have a subscription to the manual and provide civil only legal aid services you will still be able to access the manual online via Thomson Reuters post July 2010.
Even though a subscription to the LSC manual is mandatory under the  provider contracts we are aware that a significant number of organisations do not hold a current subscription.

The LSC is providing Thomson Reuters with contact details of contracted providers and we will be monitoring the take up of subscriptions to ensure that all providers have access to current reference materials.

For more information

To discuss subscriptions up to and including June 2010 please contact TSO on 0870 607 2468.

Thomson Reuters will be in a position to accept orders in early June. In the meantime queries can be sent to Sweet and Maxwell or contact them on 0845 026 8210 for general enquiries.

If you have any other questions regarding the LSC Manual please contact Geraldine Neville in the LSC’s legal & governance team.

Information on this page last updated 27 May 2010. 


Last updated: 25 July 2007

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