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Creating a sustainable legal aid scheme

Through our dedicated advice providers, the LSC helps more than two million people each year get help with their legal problems.

But the growing demand for help and the fact that our budget is limited means fundamental change is necessary.

We must move to a system that pays for services delivered for clients rather than hours worked. We need to make sure that legal aid remains available to those who need it.

To meet this challenge our transformation programme will create a sustainable legal aid scheme that delivers:

New civil contract awards proposed

Proposals to take forward reforms to civil legal aid services have been mapped out in our consultation paper Civil Bid Rounds for 2010 Contracts.

Progressing legal aid reform

We have delivered the first phase of our reform programme. Visit the pages in this section to read more about our:

How we're working to improve efficiency

Our ‘whole system initiatives’ project will improve efficiency across the civil and criminal justice systems.

We're also looking at using expert services.

For more information

Visit the Transforming civil legal aid and Transforming criminal legal aid pages for more detail on changes to our legal aid schemes.

Visit the About us>Transforming ourselves page for details on how we are transforming our internal processes.

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Last updated: 18 November 2009

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