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NOMS has been restructured to join up prison and probation headquarters as part of the reorganisation of the Ministry of Justice. This website will remain live but will no longer be updated. Up to date information about NOMS can now be found on the Ministry of Justice website.

About us

Our organisational structure

Information about the structure of the National Offender Management Service.

NOMS HQ is based within the Ministry of Justice (new window). Delivery of prison and probation services is co-ordinated through nine regional areas and throughout Wales.

Chief Executive

The Director General of NOMS, Phil Wheatley, is responsible for delivering reduced re-offending and public protection.


NOMS has been restructured to join up prison and probation services, to enable Offender Management to be delivered more easily, and to strengthen and streamline commissioning to improve service efficiency and effectiveness. It is responsible for the commissioning and delivery of adult offender management services for England and Wales within the strategic policy framework set by Government and will increasingly devolve responsibilities to the regional and local levels. NOMS has a key role in influencing other Government Departments to address the needs of offenders, and in providing sentencers with information on the costs and benefits of sentence options.

In delivering the sentences and orders of the courts effectively, NOMS aims to:

• deliver effective punishments
• protect the public from offenders and communities from the impact of crime
• reduce re-offending
• deliver the sentence plans in accordance with the court's requirements
• take account of the needs, wishes and rights of the victims of crime
• rehabilitate offenders
• make the best use of resources

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