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NOMS has been restructured to join up prison and probation headquarters as part of the reorganisation of the Ministry of Justice. This website will remain live but will no longer be updated. Up to date information about NOMS can now be found on the Ministry of Justice website.

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Offender Management Act

The Offender Management Act 2007

The Offender Management Act 2007 has substantially changed the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the delivery of probation services. The Secretary of State will contract with providers of probation services to deliver the probation provision. The Offender Management Act 2007 provides for the establishment of probation Trusts as the public sector provider of probation services.

The probation Trusts will act not only as providers of court services and offender management, but also as local commissioners. They will be responsible for commissioning interventions and other services from the best providers in the public, private or third sector, in accordance with the need for efficieny and effectiveness and in line with value for money principles. They will also represent NOMS in joint commissioning and partnership arrangements with other statutory bodies such as Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs), non-statutory bodies such as third sector organisations and Local Criminal Justice Boards, and in work with local communities to reduce re-offending.

As part of the Secretary of State’s duties in ensuring the provision of probation services he is required to publish a number of documents such as annual plans and national standards for the management of offenders. These documents are available as downloads from this page. Each of the ten area's Commissioning Plans can be found on the publications section of their regional page (new window), under Strategy, Reports and Plans.