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National Offender Management Service

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Providing administration of correctional services in England and Wales through Her Majesty's Prison Service and the Probation Service.

NOMS is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, bringing together the headquarters of the Probation Service and HM Prison Service to enable more effective delivery of services. The two bodies remain distinct but have a strong unity of purpose – to protect the public and reduce reoffending. Prison and probation services ensure the sentences of the courts are properly carried out and work with offenders to tackle the causes of their offending behaviour.

NOMS is responsible for commissioning and delivering adult offender management services, in custody and in the community, in England and Wales. It manages a mixed economy of providers. Decisions on what work is to be done and who it will be done by are based on evidence and driven by best value.

Responsibility for delivering a reduction in reoffending and the management of offenders is devolved to 10 regional offices in England and one office in Wales. Each is responsible for commissioning services, developing a reducing reoffending delivery plan and coordinating partnerships in their area.