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Equality in the UK

On 9 February 2010, the think tank Demos published three reports suggesting Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats must all take equal responsibility in the fight against inequality in Britain. The reports call for new approaches to tackling inequality, setting out a series of policy proposals for all three political parties.

Wealth of opportunity

This pamphlet argues for a renewed liberal equality agenda, based on evidence of the divisive impact of inequality on society and recent findings of the central role that financial security and access to resource play in life chances and child development.

Wealth of opportunity (PDF)

Everyday equality

Inequality has not always been seen as a priority for conservatives. This pamphlet argues that in the face of new evidence about the impact of ‘everyday inequalities’ – those inequalities we see around us that are transparently unfair or undeserved – conservatives should now look again at the issue of distribution in our society.

Everyday equality (PDF)

Society of equals

The quest for greater equality is a central mission in Labour politics, but the party needs a new egalitarian agenda to broaden and deepen its attack on inequality. The goal should be a Britain of powerful people in a reciprocal society – rooted in an understanding of shared fate and the ways a more equal society benefits us all.

Society of equals (PDF)