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Policy Hub Bulletin: February and March 2010

This bulletin alerts you to selected items added to Policy Hub in the month up to 31 March

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Better Policy Making

Poorer children’s educational attainment - JRF report   29 March

Adapting to climate change - EAC Committee report   25 March

Reducing cancer inequality - NCEI report   19 March

Fewer hospitals, more competition - Reform report   17 March

Securing good care for more people - Kings Fund report   16 March

Rural advocate report 2010 - CRC report   4 March

Influencing behaviour through public policy - Cabinet Office and Institute for Government report   2 March

How the UK’s migration policies could benefit the world’s poor - IPPR report   1 March

Under pressure: tackling the financial challenge for councils of an ageing population - Audit Commission report   18 February

The politics of fairness: equality in the UK - Demos reports   9 February

Evaluating policy

Preventing violent extremism - CLG Committee report   30 March

Reorganising central government - NAO report   18 March

A review of public health performance and spending - Audit Commission report   11 March

Women and the recession: one year on - TUC report   10 March

Rural insights: residents survey 2010 - CRC report   8 March

Tackling problem drug use - NAO report   4 March

Oneplace national overview report: an overview of local public services - Audit Commission report   24 February

The cost of cancer - Policy Exchange report   17 February

Mapping rapidly changing minority ethnic populations: a case study of York - JRF report   15 February

Britain’s lost talent? - Prince’s Trust and Citi Foundation report   8 February

The role of carbon markets in preventing dangerous climate change - EAC report   8 February

Major trauma care in England - NAO report   5 February

Progress in improving stroke care - NAO report   3 February

Giving children a healthy start - Audit Commission report   3 February

The Home Office’s response to terrorist attacks - Home Affairs Committee report   2 February

Lone parent obligations - DWP report   2 February

Improving delivery

Local finances in the recession and beyond - Audit Commission report   23 March

Improving dementia services in England - PAC report   16 March

The entitlements of young adults to care in the community - Howard League for Penal Reform report   11 March

Personalisation of education and learning services - Cabinet Office report   11 March

The renewal of government - Policy Exchange book   10 March

The implications of housing type/size mix and density - NHPAU report   1 March

Putting the frontline first: meeting the local government challenge - CLG guidance   1 March

Driving economic recovery: the core cities - Work Foundation report   23 February

British transport priorities 2010-15 - BCC report   22 February

Priorities for investment in the railways - Transport Committee report   15 February

Place based innovation - Whitehall Innovation Hub report   8 February

Capable communities: public service reform - PwC and IPPR paper   4 February

Doing things differently: step changes in skills and inclusion - National Skills Forum report   3 February

More bang for the buck: how we can get better value from the defence budget - CPS report   1 February

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