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Helping children with mathematics: Year 5 to Year 6

Publication date:
Mar 2008
DCSF ref:
Parent, Subject leader, Teacher
Extended learning, Lesson resources
Booklet, Resource sheet, Teaching notes


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These resources are designed to help parents support children with learning mathematics, towards the end of Year 5 or the start of Year 6. They involve practical real-life examples which can greatly enhance a child's learning.

Each card has a number of activities. It is best not to try to cover everything in one go. Try the first activity with the child and then come back to the card a few days later. Each card will provide enough activities for three or four short sessions and the in-between time will allow them to reflect on their learning.

The activities are designed to be stand-alone. However, it is likely that they will link to what the child is currently doing in class.

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