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National Taxing Team

Assessment of discretionary costs claims in the Criminal Courts

Purpose of the NTT

Contact Details

NTT Management Board

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Purpose of the NTT

The NTT was set up in June 1998 to supercede the former Circuit based Central Taxing Teams. It undertakes the determination of all discretionary claims for costs in the Crown Courts arising out of

The NTT is responsible, on behalf of the Crown Court, for the calculation of advocates graduated fees for trial and retrial involving the same advocate under AGFS scheme 4 (representation orders on or after 30th April 2007).

From 13th October 2008 the NTT has also undertaken the determination of claims for costs out of central funds in the Magistrates Court where the court has not fixed the sum to be paid.

The NTT also provides advice and assistance to the following:

The NTT is also responsible for the delivery of advocates graduated fee training to staff in the Crown Court, and has also undertaken training workshops for legal practitioners on making claims for costs.

The NTT is part of Her Majesty's Court Service (HMCS). Day to day operational matters are the responsibility of the  National Taxing Director who reports to the HMCS Finance Director. HMCS is an agency of the Ministry of Justice.

Map of NTT offices and Court based officers  (107 Kb)

The information on this site is presented in the Claim Guidance and Customer Service sections.

It is our aim in the National Taxing Team to make our services events and training available to all sections of the community. If you have any particular special needs in relation to any of these matters or any suggestions as to how we could improve the site or any other information given please contact the Customer Service Manager. 

Minicom VII number for the National Taxing Team: 020 7842 7594

Accessibility Guidelines  HMCS website guidance for the partially sighted and those with dyslexia

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Contact Details

NTT Customer Service and Projects Manager 

(For general customer service related issues, but not specific case related matters which should be addressed to the appropriate Regional Manager)

Caroline Grisely  Mobile: 07500 814088 

NTT Webmaster

(Contact for website content or presentation)

Peter FitzGerald-Morris Tel: 01622 680088

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NTT Management Board

National Taxing Director:

Beverley Willstrop Mobile:07710 347085  Fax: 01737 271996 

Regional Taxing Managers:

Birmingham : Rosie Shattock Mobile: 07836 282445

Manchester : Sandra Crossley Tel: 0161 745 4259 Mobile: 07500 120247

For local information please see regional pages

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Stop Press News


With effect from 27 April 2010 all Advocates Graduated Fees (AGFS) will be reduced by 4.5%.  There will be further reductions in April 2011 and April 2012. The new rates apply to cases with a representation order dated on or after 27 April 2010 (but before 1 April 2011).  Cases with a representation order dated 26 April 2010 or earlier are unaffected by the fee changes, no matter when the case concludes, and will be processed by HMCS as normal. . Pending the taking over of graduated fees by the LSC, payment of these reduced fees after validation by the relevant Crown Court will be effected by the NTT. Please see the guidance from the MoJ and also the Graduated Fees Guidance Page


On 1st April 2010 the NTT completed a reorganisation which reduced the operational regions to two: Birmingham and Manchester. Please see the Regional pages for details as to which courts are now dealt with by those regional offices, and which local offices and determining officers report to those regional offices.


This special issue of the NTT newsletter relating to the NTT restructuring is available on the Customer Service Page.


On 31st October 2009 Parliament approved the Costs in Criminal Cases (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 . Under these regulations the whole basis on which claims for defendants costs out of central funds (s16 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985) are determined and paid, has changed. The new provisions are set out in the Central Funds section. These provisions do not apply to the costs of private prosecutors or appointees (orders under s17 or s19 ).


On 5th October 2009 the eigth amendment of the Criminal Procedure Rules will come into effect creating a new Part 76. This new part is the product of the Criminal Procedure Rules Committee's consultation on its proposals to consolidate and revise the rules about costs which closed in January 2009. Please see the section on inter-partes costs for the effect of this on inter-partes determinations carried out by the NTT.


The Criminal Defence Service (Funding) (Amendment No. 2) Order 2009 introduced new fees for advocacy in confiscation hearings concluded on or after 21 August 2009 where there are more than 50 pages of evidence. These fees will be claimed on the new prescribed form and determined by the NTT in accordance with the note for guidance which appears on the General Claim Guidance page.


In January 2009 the NTT became the first office within HM Courts Service to achieve the new Customer Service Excellence Accreditation. We are pleased to announce that the NTT was successful in obtaining reaccreditation in April 2010. The assessors commented that the NTT "was a flagship in HMCS" in terms of customer service.


The principal advice is available as follows: HMRC, Law SocietyBar CouncilLegal Services Commision. Useful guidance is also available from Vantis, and Kain Knight


From Monday 13 October 2008 the NTT has responsibility for the determination of claims for costs from Central Funds in the Magistrates’ Courts, where a fixed amount of costs has not been agreed in Court.

Please see the central funds section of this website for full details and guidance

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This page was last updated on 26 May 2010 12:54. Peter FitzGerald-Morris/National Taxing Team.
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