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Sector Education Sector, Emergency Services, Local Authorities 
Reference: 185 
Status Current 
Start date 1 January 2008  
End date 31 December 2010  
Lead organisation ESPO  
Management approach

Intermediate Contract Management

Framework Yes 

Contract Description:
This agreement covers a wide range of timber products, including planed and rough sawn timber, boards, flooring, mouldings etc. Both FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved and non-FSC approved timber is available on the contract.

How to join:
Contact OGC Service desk tel no 0845 0004999, email address

Avon Timber Merchants, B.G.N. Boards, Montague L Meyer, Shires Timber, Vexgold (Leicester)

Keywords wood, planed, rough sawn, boards, flooring, mouldings, 

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