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The ePayment Solutions framework agreements provide access to a range of products and services that help public sector organisations to be more effective and efficient in their purchasing activities.

Payment Card Solutions & Associated Services

Lot 1 offers the Government Procurement Card. This framework agreement has been awarded directly to six card issuers, providing a greater choice of products and services and more flexibility to customers.

The framework agreements also provides Pre-Paid Cards via Lot 2 and web-based data integration solutions, expense management, VAT recovery and data mining services via Lot 3.

Fuel Cards & Associated Services

Fuel Cards provide public sector organisations with a simple mechanism to efficiently manage and control their spending on automotive fuel. Lot 1 of the Fuel Card framework agreement provides access to a number of highly successful fuel card programmes operated by ARVAL, BP, Keyfuels, Shell and Total.

Lot 2 of the framework agreement offers a number of associated services including fuel audit and web-based data- integration solutions.

Government Merchant Acquiring

This framework agreement facilitates the acceptance of credit and debit card payments for goods and services from businesses and the public. Awarded to Barclaycard Business, HSBC, Lloyds TSB Cardnet and RBS Streamline, the agreement offers a variety of payment facilities, ranging from individual Chip and Pin terminals to fully integrated, automatic web-based solutions.

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