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Air travel

Assistance with mobility problems is all part of the service

Under new European law, if you are disabled or have difficulty moving around you can receive assistance when you fly to and from Europe.

You do not need to be permanently or physically disabled to benefit from this service. In fact, anyone who has difficulty moving around, for example, because of their disability, age or a temporary injury, can receive help when they fly.

Key facts

 The law affects the whole of the air travel process, not just the flight itself. It also covers booking your flights, arriving at the airport, checking in, getting on and off the plane and leaving the airport. For more information see our step by step guide to your rights to fly.

The regulation applies to tour operators and travel agents as well as to airports and airlines. This means that tour operators and travel agents must pass on your needs to the airlines, and they in turn must inform the airports of the individual services required.

If you have a complaint you can contact us for advice.

We are responsible for dealing with complaints about UK airlines and airports in England, Scotland and Wales and can advise you of your rights and what further action you can take.

We will provide advice and example letters to send to the appropriate body - be that the travel agent, the airline, the airport or another organisation.

If you are not satisfied with the response, we can take the matter up further. We will liaise with colleagues in the Department for Transport and the CAA (the airline regulator) and other European Union nations to improve services to disabled and less mobile passengers.

Further information

This new law, (EC) 1107/2006, came into effect on 26 July 2008. Read on for more information.