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Ensuring Government Projects Deliver - PPM

Authorities, through their accounting officers, are responsible for the selection and appraisal of projects and programmes, and they should run complex or high-risk procurements as projects.

For major or complex projects, a senior responsible owner (SRO) should be appointed at the outset, and PPM best practice tools and techniques applied as appropriate. There must be access to personnel with the appropriate professional skills, knowledge and experience. A major procurement will require, as a minimum, skills in project management, procurement, law and finance.

The following guidance supports the above policies:

Project Management Templates - please visit the Official PRINCE2 website

The cross-Government Programme and Project Management (PPM) leadership community is working collectively to enhance the skills, capability and capacity of public sector bodies to deliver policy, programmes and projects successfully, and has recommended a number of professional bodies, and PPM methodologies and tools to support this:


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