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Getting the Best from the Government"s Civil Estate

High Performing Property (HPP) defines central government"s high level framework and direction to achieve excellence in property asset management, it focuses on the key action that need to be taken at the centre and by individual government organisations (departments and their arms length bodies).
It is made up of four key components:

  • Leadership and Integration
  • Benchmarking, Standards Tools and Guidance
  • Skills, Capability and Professionalism
  • Review, Performance Measurement, Challenge and Audit

This means delivering the following priorities:

  • High Performing Property, the Routemap to Excellence in Property Asset Management; in particular:
  • Assuring quality data on e-PIMS, the OGC"s electronic Property Information Mapping Service -mandated by DAO (GEN) 0805 - enabling its use as a business tool for re-use, co-ordination and rationalisation of the Civil Estate, and reporting on the civil estate priorities. 
  • Improve skills and organisational capability in Property Asset Management 
  • Operate in line with the Civil Estate Coordination Protocol (CECP) for sharing and recycling of the Civil Estate 
  • Deliver the governments commitment to relocate 20,000 civil service posts from London and the South East by the end of March 2010 
  • Deliver effective workplace solutions though implementation of best practice


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