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Photograph of DCSF supplied with the permission of DEGW, workplace designers and change management consultants and Chris Gascoigne, photographer.

Office Solutions

In the 'Transforming Government Procurement'  [TGP] paper published in January this year, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury announced that the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) was to be be given stronger powers to achieve more intelligent government procurement and drive sustainable procurement practices.

In response to the complex challenge presented by TGP, the Strategic Stakeholder Forum (responsible for the strategic direction of pan government collaborative actvitiy) has selected four sponsor organisations to pilot categories relating to areas of common spend across the public sector.  Buying Solutions has been designated as the sponsor organisation for the Office Solutions pilot, incorporating print, MfDs, office supplies and post & courier. 

With effect from 25th June 2007 Buying Solutions took over responsibility from OGC for the strategic and operational delivery of the category.  Details of all relevant Buying Solutions contacts are contained at the end of this newsletter.   
Moving forward, OGC will be supporting sponsor organisations through providing category management expertise, programme management and assurance, performance management, and legal & policy advice.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all of you that have collaborated with the various Office Solutions teams to deliver savings and efficiencies to your organisations.

Pan Government Contracts
As part of the implementation of Transforming Government Procurement, the OGC has issued the first in a series of letters to Permanent Secretaries and Chief Executives which will set out new standards and requirements that central government departments and agencies will be expected to meet.

The Collaborative Procurement letter issued on 6 June 2007, identified twelve commercial arrangements which offer value for money and which departments are required to use or be prepared to explain why not.  They include deals on recycled paper for print, MfDs and office stationery.  For a copy of the full Collaborative Procurement document go to OGC - Requirement Letters.

You can continue to view all Pan Government contracts relating to your Office Solution requirements on the contracts database available via the Collaborative Procurement homepage.

New Buying Solutions Office Solutions Category Team Contacts
If you have any Office Solutions queries please contact Buying Solutions using the details below.  If you are unsure who to contact, call the Buying Solutions Service Desk on 0345 410 2222 and they will redirect you to the appropriate member of the team.


Philip Taylor
T: 0151 672 2341

Ann Byrne (recycled printing paper only)
T: 0151 672 2413

Reprographics & MfDs:

Paul Reardon
T: 0151 672 2212

Dave Gardner
T: 0151 672 2216

Office Supplies:

Stuart Cameron
T: 0151 672 2369

Postal & Courier Services

Peter Gollop
T: 0113 2684978