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Issue Log


The purpose of the Issue Log is to:

  • Allocate a unique number to each Project Issue
  • Record the type of Project Issue
  • Be a summary of all the Project Issues, their analysis and status.

Fitness for purpose checklist:

  • Does the status indicate whether action has been taken?
  • Are the Project Issues uniquely identified, including to which product they refer?
  • Is access to the Issue Log controlled?
  • Is the Issue Log kept in a safe place?

Suggested content:

  • Project Issue number
  • Project Issue type (Request for Change, Off-Specification or a general issue such as a question or a statement of concern)
  • Author
  • Date identified
  • Date of last update
  • Description
  • Status

Source information:

Project Issues may be raised by anyone associated with the project at any time.  

Further information:

See Managing Successful Programmes

See Managing Successful Projecst with Prince2