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The fleet team at the Office of Government Commerce supports and promotes best practice and better value deals on fleet that encourage collaboration across public sector organisations. This covers key areas including:

  • Vehicle purchasing and leasing 
  • Fleet management 
  • Fuel cards 
  • Consumables (including tyres and glass) 
  • 'Grey' fleet (business miles driven by employees in their own vehicles)

Our key objective is to support you in delivering continuous improvements in the area of fleet and efficiency gains that are sustainable in the long term. So in addition to collaborating for better value deals, we're also finding ways to help organisations manage the social and environmental impacts associated with their fleet.

For more information on:

  • Vehicle Purchase Framework
  • Leasing Framework
  • Windscreens / Glass Framework
  • Grey Fleet 
  • Tyres Framework
  • Fuel Card

Please contact the OGC Service Desk:
T: 0845 000 4999.

Pan Government contracts:
You can view all Pan Goverment contracts in the contracts database.