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Energy Overview

The OGC energy team are here to help the public sector improve its energy procurement by accessing the most effective procurement solutions for its energy requirements and to promote energy efficiency across government.

The OGC"s energy team forms part of the Pan Government Energy Project, (sponsored by the MOD) set up to implement collaborative energy procurement which will deliver increased value for money through both cost and carbon savings. The project strategy team which is representative of around 70% of the public sector is developing new solutions for risk management and pushing the boundaries for innovation in order to deliver better outcomes for the customer.

On these web pages you will find information on: 

  • best practice energy procurement
  • the Pan Government Energy Project, and what it is doing to reduce costs in energy procurement
  • how to access collaborative solutions for electricity, gas and liquid fuels
  • the sustainability initiatives supported by the Project

What"s new?

Collaborative Road Shows - Free to Attend - 3 pan government road shows covering Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and how can we help, Sustainabilty Initiatives and, Best Practice Energy Procurement in a Volatile Market.

Managing Energy Demand: A collaborative approach - A new guide which provides a high level overview of the key collaborative sustainability initiatives currently being promoted by the Office of Government Commerce and the Pan Government Energy project including procurement solutions (AMR, IT Power Management & Voltage Reduction), funding opportunities (Salix, Low Carbon Buildings Programme) and available support (CESP, Carbon Trust).     

Best Practice Energy Buying Guides - Two new guides which explain best practice and offer guidance on how to make effective decisions in energy procurement.  Public sector buyers can find out how to easily access best practice frameworks that are offered by a number of Central Purchasing Bodies. Find out more.