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Can Trade Marks be reused or reproduced?

1. OGC"s trade marks appear on our published material and website.

2. OGC"s trade marks also appear on material published by our partner organisations and their accredited agents. All these instances are governed by specific Trade Mark licence terms and conditions.

3. The only way that OGC's Trade Marks can be reused or reproduced is with the written permission of OGC. Permission, if granted, will include conditions and restrictions. In some cases  a Trade Mark licence will be required.

4. OGC will consider an application for a Trade Mark licence to use an OGC trade mark name (not logo) in the title of a publication, published by non partner organisations, if they meet specific set criteria. For more information please see the criteria and application process (PDF).

5. To apply to reuse or reproduce any OGC trade mark please contact:

Phone: 0845 000 4999
International: (+44) 845 000 4999
GTN: 3040 4999


Office of Government Commerce
Rosebery Court
St Andrew's Business Park
Norwich, Norfolk

6. OGC will not permit any OGC Trade Mark to be used as a hyperlink.