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Regional Information

Making the right decision on where to move to is critical in delivering a successful relocation project.

This page provides links to sources of information on regional characteristics. It also links to useful maps, and provides a summary of e-PIMS™, the Government"s central property database.


If you are looking for specific regional information, and you can"t see it here, e-mail us.


The electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS™) developed by OGC covers all of the government's central civil property occupations. e-PIMS displays the precise location and outline of department's properties, holdings and occupations on computerised maps and allows users to access and amend their own core property details on-line over the GSI or the Internet for those bodies who do not have access to the GSI.

e-PIMS is now mandatory and departments and their sponsored bodies are required to record their property portfolios and commitments on e-PIMS.

e-PIMS offers:

  • a sophisticated searching facility of all civil property occupations, and
  • displays detailed information in textual form.

e-PIMS enables:

  • users to locate individual properties and occupations on the electronic map, and
  • interrogate e-PIMS, for example to identify available vacant space.

The technology allows the parameters of each search to be tailored to meet the individual needs of the user.

e-PIMS supports Relocation by:

  • facilitating better and more efficient asset management, and
  • providing an accurate central database of property assets across departments, agencies and sponsored bodies.

The application was designed initially to assist government departments in the procurement and management of workspace. An interface between e-PIMS and the Government"s Register of Surplus Public Sector Land has been developed with English Partnerships to deliver improved information about redundant and surplus land sites and there are plans to extend the system's capability to display other information founded on geographic locations, for example property performance and benchmarking data. 

Human Resources Module

This facility, forms part of e-PIMS, and allows authorised users to record staff surpluses and planned recruitment. It also provides a sophisticated search facility to view details of staff surpluses or vacancies across government by region and at what responsibility level they occur.

The pilot based on the North West Region established a number of benefits:

  • details of government office business within regions will be available for the first time,
  • facilitates HR staff in developing relationships and discussions with colleagues in other departments via a database of contacts points,
  • identification of those departments who have open reciprocal staff transfer arrangements in place (allowing discussion on possible movement of staff across departments), and
  • provision of management information on the current workforce plans for all government departments.

Information about e-PIMS is listed under Better Asset Management.