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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

PPM Professional Development

Professional Memberships

The PPM Council has recommended the Association for Project Management (APM) as the appropriate professional body for PPM professionals in Government.  A number of other membership bodies have also been recommended for specialist roles.

Membership of a professional body gives access to information sources, networking opportunities, events, sources of learning and development, professional qualifications and a continuous professional development (CPD) path that public sector bodies may be unable to provide.

The recommendations are for Central Government bodies when considering their policies regarding choice and funding of professional memberships for PPM professionals and for PPM professionals when considering which membership bodies they should belong to.

Other suggested professional memberships for specialist roles include:

This list of memberships will be expanded in 2009/10 to incorporate those recommended by other Government professions for people working in specialist delivery areas.

Recommended Professional Memberships (PDF, 150KB)

Learning and Development

There will always be a need for Government’s programme and project management professionals to undertake appropriate and relevant courses and qualifications, whether it is to learn skills and acquire knowledge at the beginning of their career or as part of their continued professional development.  These range from short workshops through to academic qualifications.

In other circumstances, more specific learning and development (L&D) needs may have been identified, perhaps in a specific skill set or area of knowledge. The PPM Learning and Development Directories offer information on L&D opportunities that may be suitable.

What is it and how do I use it?
This directories enable PPM practitioners, across a range of roles, to identify potential learning and development (L&D) opportunities that may help them in their career development.  It can also be used by HR and L&D colleagues to source suitable L&D interventions to support organisational development initiatives.

They list a wide range of available courses, from formal academic qualifications, through accredited training courses in recommended standard methodologies such as PRINCE2®, training courses in elements of PPM practice, and departmental L&D.

There are many L&D options and many providers - please discuss the range of options with your line manager and/or your organisation’s PPM Centre of Excellence or PPM Support Unit, in order to identify the best development path for you.

The PPM Learning and Development Directory (PDF, 60KB)

The PPM Learning and Development Directory - Departmental (PDF, 24KB)

Where does this information come from?
In November 2008 a data gathering exercise was undertaken by the cross-Government PPM Careers Group to identify the PPM-related L&D offerings seen as providing value within individual Departments and therefore worthy of recommendation across Government.  20 Departments responded to the survey with details of 44 commercial qualifications, courses and workshops, some of which carry formal accreditations. This data has been broken down into 3 tiers from level 1; high level use and recommendation by Government Departments; to level 3 which includes courses that appear to be used little within Central Government although this may reflect departmental awareness rather than potential value.

This is the first of the two key outputs from the data gathering activity. The second lists departmental L&D that are available to other Government Departments, with details of how they can be accessed.  These will include offerings by the MOD and Departments such as the Home Office.

Please note; that in presenting this directory OGC and the Government PPM Profession is not at this stage making any recommendations regarding L&D options. These directories are for information only and are to be used within existing departmental approaches regarding provision of L&D to PPM practitioners.

The directories will be reviewed and updated at the end of 2009.  In the meantime if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the relevance and value of these pages, to better meet your needs, please email the PPM Skills & Capability Team.