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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Gateway Video Presentation

The OGC Gateway Process examines programmes and projects at key decision points in their lifecycle it looks ahead to provide assurance that they can progress successfully to the next stage; the process is best practice in central civil government, the health sector, local government and Defence.

The Gateway video presentation is also available on DVD. The DVD can be ordered via our publications order form, order code: CP0155. Due to licencing restrictions, the DVD is available to UK customers only.

Technical help

To view these video files online, your web browser must have the Adobe Flash 9 plugin installed. To view the downloaded videos, your computer must have Apple QuickTime 7 installed, or an application that has the capability to play the H.264 codec. The downloaded videos are also in a viewable format where they can be played on an video capable Apple iPod.

Some organisations' firewalls may have been set up to restrict access to streaming or downloaded video, in which case you may not be able to view the on-line files.

The Videos

1. What is OGC Gateway?
Download the video (ZIP, 2.80MB)

2. Inside the OGC Gateway process
Download the video (ZIP, 3.4MB)

3. The Review Team
Download the video (ZIP, 3.3MB)

4. Case Study: Education Maintenance Allowance
Download the video (ZIP, 3.5MB)

5. Case Study: Two Roof
Download the video (ZIP, 3.2MB)

6. Case Study: UKAEA Winfrith
Download the video (ZIP, 4.1MB)

7. Case Study: Diamond Light Source
Download the video (ZIP, 3.4MB)

8. Becoming a Gateway Hub
Download the video (ZIP, 3.8MB)

9. A Shared View
Download the video (ZIP, 6.2MB)