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Inside the OGC Gateway process


Inside the Gateway Process - What to expect from an independent review

Derek Baker, OGC Director
The request for review comes in to OGC, we will immediately get out and seek to have a meeting with the project or program manager.

Sir Ian Andrews, Second Permanent Under Secretary of State - Ministry of Defence
The team appear and engage with you as the senior responsible owner to understand the context for the project and really what sort of assurance you are seeking, what particular areas you would like them to look at.

Trevor Fellowes, Director - Learning and Skills Council
You meet up several weeks beforehand and you have a planning meeting and you have a good crisp conversation about the big issues, you then have the team roll up, typically on a Monday morning, and you get three days of being reviewed and on the fourth day you are given the results, so it is compact, not too oppressive or too distracting as a process.

Caroline Charlton, OGC Director - responsible for OGC Gateway
They are real time in terms of giving feedback, so at the end of the review on the last day you will receive a written report that you can then look at.

The report, the final report is short and to the point, you get immediate feedback.

Sir Ian
And you have the opportunity then to say what are we going to do to address these recommendations. 

If there are things that you need to put right, the sooner you know about it the better.

It is very proactive, it"s very forward looking, the key point that the reviewers are trying to do is help that project towards success.  I think the fact that it is an independent review means that people within the organisation are often more prepared to take note of its findings.

Sir Ian
It engages with a large number of key stakeholders in programs and projects on a confidential basis, and because those being interviewed by the review team know that the individuals concerned have no baggage or not particular pre-determined view that they are prepared to be open and honest with them.

They recognise that there is no axes to grind that it really is genuine evidence based independent review.

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