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Dispatch of exam scripts

 Dispatch of exam scriptsDispatching exam scripts

Information for exams officers about best practice for dispatching exam scripts.

The secure dispatch of exam scripts service is used to dispatch unmarked exam scripts, externally marked coursework and language tapes for general qualifications, externally assessed Diploma principle learning and functional skills from exam centres to examiners.

As the exams officer it's your responsibility to dispatch the exam scripts to the examiners as soon as possible after the exam.

Secure exam scripts dispatch service

A secure exam scripts dispatch service is provided to exam centres and exams officers in England. We fund and manage this service on behalf of the awarding bodies. Our guidance provides detailed information about the service and which qualifications are included in it.  It also contains information about:

  • labelling exam scripts
  • packaging exam scripts
  • booking collections
  • managing collections
  • ensuring the service runs smoothly
  • helpdesk contact details.

Exams dispatch log

Use the exams dispatch log to keep track of the exam scripts that you dispatch.  Make sure you complete it before the Parcelforce Worldwide driver collects your packages. 

Packaging and labelling exam scripts checklist

Download our checklist to help you prepare to pack and label your exam scripts and to make sure you know what to do on exam day.

Dispatching exam scripts checklist

Use our checklist to make sure you’ve done everything you need to in order to successfully dispatch your exam scripts including:

  • making sure reception staff are fully aware of the exam script dispatch process
  • how to prepare for a collection
  • what to do if the driver doesn’t make an arranged collection.

Last modified: 21 May 2010