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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Career Profiles

There is no one route by which a Programme and Project Management (PPM) professional is expected to map out their career. There are a number of specialisms within PPM, numerous routes into the profession and different skills and experience that can be valuable in progressing so the variety of options is almost endless. There are, though, examples of success, which may be of assistance to anyone interested in planning their future PPM career.

The PPM Skills and Capability team is compiling profiles on PPM professionals who have reached a significant point in their career. The aim of these profiles is to try to demonstrate some of the options that can be considered in a PPM career and hopefully to provide inspiration from those who have faced similar challenges before you. Most of all, the profiles demonstrate that a broad range of skills and experience can be of value and that sometimes taking a small challenging step can lead to great progress.

None of the profiles are prescriptive - everyone comes into PPM in a different way.  Progress is not about which scheme or recruitment you entered PPM through, as these profiles show - wherever you start from it is possible to find and create opportunities.

The profiles:

Bob Assirati (PDF, 115KB) - "Public Pioneer"

(Source: APM's Project Magazine). For further information about Project, please visit

John Sherwood (PDF, 24KB) - "From Engineer to SRO"

Charmaine de Souza (PDF, 20KB) - "From Office Assistant to Programme Management"

Jonathan Simcock (PDF, 18KB) - "From the Oil Industry to the heart of Government"

If you would like to be featured in a future career profile, please send to the PPM Skills & Capability team your CV and either a) a completed questionaire (PDF, 16KB), or b) we can set up a telephone interview based on the questionnaire. The case history will then be written by OGC and agreed with you prior to publication.