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Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Picture courtesy of the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Competence Assessment Tool for Project Managers

This competence assessment tool for project managers was developed by a pan government PPM Leaders subgroup in response to early discussions with the PPM Community.  The tool is based on the Association for Project Management (APM) competence framework and provides a mechanism for public sector project managers to assess their current levels of competence and plan their career development.  The tool can also be used by Departments and their arms length bodies to identify organisational skills gaps and inform resource allocation decisions.

Development of this vital tool for the Government PPM Profession is an essential element of the skills and capability strategy for the PPM Profession in Central Government.  It underpins future work by the Profession in developing model job descriptions, career paths, and training and qualifications options, for public sector PPM professionals.

PPM and learning and development professionals in 14 Departments have contributed to the design of the assessment tool, which is intended to be flexible enough for use by a range of organisations, including Departments, their NDPBs and Agencies, and other Crown Bodies. It is structured into four levels of skill as defined by the APM levels of competence.

This tool has been designed with three levels of assessment that underpins the definition of the Government PPM Profession
o Firstly a basic assessment suited to those in the "wider community of practice" who often operate on the fringes of the profession. This may include those working in other professions who contribute to the delivery of projects, or those in the early stages of the project delivery career.
o Secondly a detailed assessment of knowledge and experience across a set of competences agreed by the PPM community that cover the key stages of the life cycle.
o Thirdly a comprehensive assessment across the whole range of competences and includes all stages of the project lifecycle and incorporates contextual and behavioural competences.

The Competence Assessment Tool is available free of charge to those Departments and arms length bodies that are members of the PPM Council and are, or become corporate members of the APM. Other organisations can use the tool having obtained the necessary membership and user licence from the APM.

If you are interested in assessing your project management competence please contact your Departmental Programme, Project Support Office or Centre of Excellence in the first instance.

For details of corporate membership of the APM and the competence framework user licence click here and for more information about the PPM Profession competence assessment tool please contact the OGC Service Desk or ring 0845 000 4999.