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Collaborative Procurement Documents


Getting better value from your fleet (PDF, 1.9MB)

(order code: CP0143)

Find out about current and upcoming pan governmental fleet contracts open to you, learn about our fleet sustainability ideas,
including managing your "grey fleet", and discover how other organisations have made savings on fleet costs and carbon emissions.


Getting better value on temporary staff procurement (PDF, 1.5MB)

(order code: CP0147)

Learn about the best practice guidance in the new Temporary Staff Toolkit, find out what collaborative contracts are currently available, and what"s coming soon, discover how one group of local authorities cut temporary staff costs by 25% with an eAuction, and find out how to get involved.


Saving money on Energy (PDF, 1.2MB)

(order code: CP0148)

Information to help you manage your organisation's energy purchasing more efficiently. Including, advice and guidance, details of current and new collaborative contracts, case studies demonstrating the benefits and information on how to get involved in sharing best practice and better deals.


Saving money on office stationery (PDF, 925KB)

(order code: CP0150)

With estimated annual expenditure of £850 million, the stationery segment of public sector spend represents significant opportunities for cost efficiencies. This profile explains how the Office Solutions team at the OGC has been helping public sector organisations save money purchasing stationery, copier paper and IT consumables since mid-2005.


Saving money on IT hardware (PDF, 1.5MB)

(order code: CP0146)

Get details on an open public sector framework deal for IT hardware that"s already delivering significant savings, discover how to save up to 47% on ad-hoc desktop and laptop PC purchases, learn more about eAuctions including how one group of NHS Trusts saved £4.5 million eAuctioning their IT requirements.


Related Documents

Sustainability Targets (PDF, 49KB)
A brief informational summary of the key sustainability targets for government estates in relation to energy.

Funding Opportunities for Public Sector Energy Efficiency projects  (PDF, 55KB)
A guide on investment and funding opportunities for energy and water management. Jointly published with the Energy Institute, Public Sector Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Projects.

The Energy Stakeholder Forum met on 25 January 2007. Copies of the presentations given are available here:
Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (PowerPoint, 2,622KB)
Achieving savings through water management (PowerPoint, 814KB)


Archived Publications

Aggregation - is bigger always better (PDF)
Designed to inform decision-making during the development of organisational procurement strategies, and during the strategic planning stage prior to a programme or project. It aims to clarify what is meant by the term "Aggregation".