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Lifecycle of a test

Every pupil deserves a result that reflects their abilities – we work hard to create a testing system that is efficient, effective and fair.

Lifecycle of a test is a series of two-minute videos to help you learn about the rigorous test development and marking process, how the tests are administered and how results provide information about pupils' and schools' achievements.

Please note: some footage has been re-enacted for filming purposes due to the test cycle being longer than the period of filming. All activities in the films reflect actual practices during the national curriculum test cycle as closely as possible.

This interactive uses Flash. If you don't have access to Adobe Flash Player, you can read the text version (transcripts of the films) or you can install Flash for free from the Adobe website.

Launch the Lifecycle of a Test interactive (opens in new window)



You can download PDF transcripts of each video from our resources library.        

If you would like to provide feedback on the videos, please email assessments@qcda.gov.uk.

Saving the videos

When clicking on the 'Save video' link in the Lifecycle of a test interactive, the video will automatically open in your default media player. If your default is Windows Media Player you can save the video by right clicking on the video title in the 'Now Playing' pane on the right hand side (if the pane isn't visible go to 'Now Playing' in the tool bar and select 'Show List Pane'). Select 'Add to', then 'Additional Playlists' and create a new playlist.

Last modified: 22 Apr 2010