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Year 3 Narrative Unit 2 – Myths, legends, fables, traditional tales

Myths, legends, fables, traditional tales (4 weeks)

This is the second of four narrative units in Year 3. The unit builds on the use of setting and sequencing of narrative events leading to a resolution from unit 1 on stories with familiar settings. This unit can be linked to other curriculum subjects and themes.

Phase 1

Compare a range of myths. Analyse a quest myth, identifying the text structure and language features.

Phase 2

Identify how settings impact on events in a quest myth. Create an interactive story map to support planning a quest myth. Use oral storytelling to plan a quest myth.

Phase 3

Children write their own quest myth incorporating settings that provide a challenge and settings with characters that support the main character.


  • Read a range of myths, legends, fables and traditional tales, identify and discuss common themes, for example good over evil, wise over foolish, etc. Sequence the key events using lists, maps and storyboards and describe the key characters with reference to the text. Demonstrate how the sequence of events can be varied. Using a familiar story theme, children plan and write own stories in style of myth/legend/fable, etc.

1998 Framework objectives covered:

Year 3, Term 2: T2, T3 and T7 identify, discuss and collect story themes, main and recurring characters; describe and sequence events in different ways; discuss and evaluate characters; T6 and T7 plan main points of story and sequence in different ways; T8 develop character descriptions and include dialogue; T10 write sequels to traditional stories.


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