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Accidents, casualties and safety

Road Accident Statistics play a leading part in the Government's Road Safety Strategy.

In addition to the STATS19 information on road accidents, other data sources directly related to road safety have been used to compile the statistics on this web page. These include death registrations and coroners' reports as well as traffic and vehicle registration data plus Home Office data on motor vehicle offences.

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The 2008 Review of Reported Road Casualty Statistics - Summary Report (115 kb)

04 February 2010

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Quarterly Provisional Estimates Q3 2009

Latest quarterly provisional estimates of personal injury road accidents and their casualties.

04 February 2010

Road casualties in Great Britain: Annual reports

Annual Report provides detailed analyses of road casualties and reports on trends in relation to casualty reduction targets.

Road casualties in Great Britain: main results

The latest bulletin containing statistics on personal injury accidents on public roads (including footways). Introduction and complete PDF document.

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2008 estimates for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels

A statistical release providing provisional estimates on accidents involving drinking and driving in Great Britain in 2008.

07 August 2008
Last update:
20 March 2009

Road Casualties English Local Authority Tables

This is a web site based publication presenting statistics on personal injury road accidents and their casualties.

Seatbelt and mobile phone use surveys: 2009 results

This publication presents estimates of seatbelt wearing rates and mobile phone use by drivers in England. Estimates of seatbelt wearing rates for Scotland are also included. Surveys were carried out in October and November 2009.

04 February 2010
Last update:
18 March 2010

TSGB 2009 Chapter 8: Casualties by Type - data tables (308 kb)

26 November 2009

TSGB 2009 Chapter 8: Motor Vehicle Offences - data tables (83 kb)

26 November 2009

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