Yorkshire businesses waste not want not


Businesses in Yorkshire are cutting costs and boosting their environmental performance by using an internet-based waste exchange network, called Why Waste. The free online service allows businesses to offer items and materials they no longer need to other organisations for re-use or recycling.

One recent success story involves Leeds City College which used Why Waste to find a new home for its waste desks. Why Waste has saved Leeds City College £2000 in waste disposal costs.

Leeds City College listed waste items including 70 desks. These were given to social enterprise Rework Leeds, and 15 chairs which were donated to a local primary school.

When the college merged with another institution in summer 2009, Why Waste found new homes for unwanted branded items such as vinyl banners, t-shirts, bags and pens. They were put to new use by the Leeds second-hand store, Scrap Creative Reuse Ltd.

Leeds City College Environmental Manager Georgiana Weatherill, said: “Since developing the college’s environmental strategy in 2007 the Why Waste service has been invaluable and certainly the best partnership I have made in my career as an environmental manager.”

The Why Waste website matches site users who have unwanted items with those who could re-use or recycle them. Support is also available from a dedicated team which puts businesses in touch with recyclers and re-use organisations.

Why Waste can also visit sites to help organisations find the best way to deal with their individual waste issues. For more information on how Why Waste could help your business log on to the website www.whywaste.org.uk or alternatively call and speak to Emma Hill on 01274 253 440.

Christine Charles, regional business programme manager of CO2Sense Yorkshire said: “Why Waste is a great local service that benefits both donating and receiving businesses by reducing their costs and carbon footprints. The scheme has already diverted over 2,000 tonnes of waste from landfill by finding new homes for unwanted items and helping businesses to recycle their waste effectively. The service covers everything from waste paper to furniture and will help Yorkshire to become a low carbon economy.”

Why Waste is funded by CO2Sense Yorkshire, a business support and market development programme funded by Yorkshire Forward and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It has an active partnership with the region’s Green Business Clubs and offers hands on advice to businesses to help them manage their waste in a more sustainable way.

More information

CO2Sense Yorkshire

  • CO2Sense Yorkshire is a not-for-profit business development programme, which helps businesses in Yorkshire and Humber to succeed in the low-carbon economy
  • It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward
  • It is funded by Yorkshire Forward and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

It has four programmes: 

  • Resource Efficiency, which helps businesses to use fewer resources and helps businesses in the environmental sector to grow
  • Carbon Reduction, which helps the region’s largest businesses to adapt their business plans to a changing environment and to prosper in the low-carbon environment
  • Renewable Energy, which helps businesses to find sources of low-carbon energy and helps generators of low-carbon energy to sell their energy
  • Carbon Capture and Storage, which encourages industry and investors to develop CCS infrastructure in the region

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