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News Centre

Welcome to the News Centre

This section provides details of new items added to the site as well as a full archive of our press releases and statements. It also includes our Press Office contacts and a photo and image library of downloadable images suitable for print output.

Latest news and press releases

28 May 2010 | Press release: Six month prison sentence for illegal sale and supply of slimming pills containing ephedrine

A 44-year-old man received a six month prison sentence today (Friday 28 May) for the illegal sale and supply of unlicensed slimming pills containing ephedrine.

18 May 2010 | Press Release: Appointments to the Committee on the Safety of Devices

The MHRA and the Appointments Commission are pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to the Committee on the Safety of Devices (CSD).

07 May 2010 | Colleague infusion pumps manufactured by Baxter - recall by the US Food and Drug Administration

Information on the MHRA's position after the recall of these products in the US.

08 Apr 2010 | Press release: Company prosecuted for selling non CE marked cutting blades

A UK company, Cellpath Ltd of Newtown, Powys, Wales today pleaded guilty for illegally supplying non CE marked cutting blades to the UK market.

01 Apr 2010 | Press statement: Updated product information for Yasmin

Yasmin product information has been updated as a result of recent evidence to suggest the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) may be slightly higher than previously estimated.

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Photo and image library

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This section provides downloadable MHRA-related images suitable for print output, including images of our Executive Board.
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What's new

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This section lists details of new information added to the MHRA website.

Press releases

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This section of the site includes press releases and statements issued by the MHRA.

Press Office contacts

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This section gives phone numbers and email addresses for all the MHRA press contacts.
Page last modified: 28 April 2010